Traffic Generation Marketing

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Traffic Generation Marketing
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Part 1: Easy Way To Find Profitable Markets
In Seconds


Okay, the first thing we
need to do is to find a profitable market.

Now there’s plenty of ways of doing this – one I even shared with you
in previous training, if you remember.

However, there’s one method I like to use that will take no time,

And that is, to simply enter a “evergreen” market.

So what’s a evergreen market?

Well, a evergreen market are some of the most profitable markets, out

Also, they are ALWAYS
profitable too – hence the term “evergreen”.


So they’re not seasonal or a fad – as long
as the human race walks this earth – these markets will always exist
and be profitable, as a result

So which markets are considered

Well, the quickest way to sum up a evergreen market is by using this


Wealth and Relationships

Basically, any market that falls under any of these 3 categories are
considered evergreen.

For example: in the Health market,
there would be:

  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Diabetes treatment/courses
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Yeast infection cures
  • Diet programs
  • Cellulite removal
  • Dental repair
  • Hair loss
  • Free Training tutorial

for the Wealth market, you have:

  • Make money online
  • Credit repair
  • Forex
  • Traffic generation
  • Binary options
  • Buying stocks and shares
  • Traffic Generation Marketing

finally, we have the relationship markets, which are:

  • Get your ex back
  • Seduction
  • Pick up artistry
  • Dating guides
  • Marriage counseling

Obviously, there’s a lot more
evergreen markets out there, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Now here’s what’s really cool about theย evergreen markets…


Not only
are they hyper-profitable, but they’re full to the brim with desperate
people too

So why is that so good for us, I hear you ask?

Well, here’s the thing…

The biggest action takers in any segment of the markets are the

Let me give you an example: if you was drowning, would you put it off
till tomorrow?

Or maybe sort it out after tea?

Or perhaps save yourself from drowning after your favourite TV show?

No, it gets sorted out… RIGHT

No ifs, no buts, you do something about it right now – everything else instantly becomes secondly.

Now obviously, this is an extreme example, but it points out how people
in a desperate situation think.


And the more desperate people are, the
more likely to take action

Right then, this is what I want you to do right now…

I want you to pick a evergreen market that resonates with you the most.

Any will do as they’re all profitable markets as I said earlier.

You can choose one of the both if it makes your life easier if you want.

Once you’ve done that, I’ll see you in the next part ๐Ÿ™‚

2: Using The Correct Affiliate Network For Your Market

Okay, you’ve chosen your evergreen market… Awesome.

What we need to do now is to head over to the affiliate network that
caters best to your market.

If you’re selling anything related to internet marketing or Traffic Generation Marketing, then these
are the affiliate networks I recommend you checkout:

worth checking out too but the other two are far superior when it comes
to internet marketing related products.

But yeah, these networks generally cater towards all things internet
marketing like:


    • Make money online


    • affiliate/CPA/Traffic
      generation courses


    • SEO software and


Now if you’re going into a non “internet marketing” market, then the
best one in my opinion is

So anything THAT vaguely related to:


    • weight loss


    • Bodybuilding


    • Fishing


    • Gardening


    • Seduction


    • Getting your ex back


    • Anything “computer”


    • D.I.Y how-to courses


    • Gambling


    • Anything “sport”


    • Dieting


    • Cooking


So now you know which affiliate network caters towards to your market,
lets move onto the next step…


3: Choosing The BEST Affiliate Offer
To Promote

Right then, all we’ve gotta do now is find you a product to promote.

Now I’ll level with ya… This is easier said than done.

Why? Because not all products are equal, of course.


There’s loads of factors to consider but
what ultimately matters is how well the product converts.


And obviously, the higher the product converts, the MORE money you’re gonna

So this is what you need to be looking for:

Choose a Product That Cost No
More Than $100:


I would recommend to find a product that sells for around $50 – $100.

Any higher than that and it’s going to involve more selling with
smarter marketing.

So no higher than a $100 – especially if you’re new to selling and
Now if you can promote a product that’s less than $50 but the
commissions start to get smaller when you go below the $50 mark.But hey, if you’re cool with that, then be my guest and go for it.


The Sale Copy Good?:


of the first things you need to do is to checkout the sales copy on the
sales page.

When you read the sales page or
watch the sales video, does it convince you?

If so, that’s a strong indicator the sales page will convert well .
Like I said before, if you’re in a market full of desperate people,
then you want to look out for sales pages catering towards these kind
of people as it will help with conversions.

Does The Sales page Have Lots of
Proof Elements?:


want a sales page with LOTS
of proof elements on it.

fact, the MORE proof elements on the sales page, the MORE it’s going
to increase conversions.

So look for stuff like:


      • Testimonials –
        the more
        the better (video testimonials have more creditability)


      • Income proofs –
        has more creditability than image income proofs


      • Screenshots of
        comments from happy customers


      • Images of
        getting the desired outcome promised in the product



Does The Product Have Lots of Good Reviews
in Google?


first thing people do when they’re interested in a product is “Google”
reviews for it.

So when you’
found a product you think will convert, you need to “Google” reviews
and see what the reviews are saying.

If there’s a lot of good reviews on the first page of Google for
name] reviews” then that’s going to MASSIVELY help with the

If, however, there are lots of bad reviews on the first page of Google…
Then that’s going to negatively effect the conversions, as

So yeah, check the first page of Google as this will effect the
conversions massively.


Does The Product Vendor Have a
Good Reputation?:


like the product – people will likely to do research on the product
vendor as well.

So once again, do a “Google” search and to see what other sites are
saying about the product vendor.

If it’s generally good – once again – it’ll help with the conversions.

And of course, if it’s bad, then it WILL have a negative impact
on your conversions.


Look For Products That Have


good way to make more money per customer is to promote a product with
“upsells” on the backend.

This is when someone buys the product you’re promoting and then they
are instantly offered another product for more commissions.

You can
literallyย  turn a $20 commission into a $200 commission and
sometimes more.



Promote Products That Pay Recurring

way to get more bang for your buck per customer is to promote products
that pay recurring commissions.
how it works…

So instead of paying once for a
product, they have to pay a monthly fee to stay a member.
This works really well when
you’re promoting a software or a service as they can potentially to stay a
member for years.
And what started as a $10
commission, can literally turn into hundreds of dollars of commissions
over a lifetime of the customer staying a member.
It can be a great way of scaling
your income up when promoting recurring paying products.

So they are definitely worth
promoting if you think it’ll convert well.



Here’s What I Want You To Do Next…


So you’re now armed to the teeth with knowledge on how to find
products to promote…

What I want you to do now is spend the rest of the day finding a
product to promote.

So start diggin’ around I’m pretty sure you’ll find something fairly
quickly – definitely a lot to choose from, anyway.

Then once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready for tomorrow’s FREE training.

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